I began jewelry studies and got quickly interested in rocks and minerals. I spent my gemologist degree from the S.B.G private school ( And also obtained my European degree at the F.E.E.G. (Http:// For over 2 years, I participate at different mineralogical fairs and also in workshop.

My studies in gemology, so skeptical was my teacher, have only confirmed my thoughts on the benefits of stones. For being able to determine the physical, chemical, optical effects, show us well that there is electrical activity, a magnetic field. One of the basic principles of lithotherapy.

After reading a number of books on the subject, it is with the desire to share that I offer an introduction to the Litho. I refer to this project in a book in particular: The Scientific Lithothérapie by Robert Blanchard.

I want to deepen my knowledge on the subject by studying the metabolism of the living body and psychology by linking physiology, psychology, oligo therapy, etc. to become a scientific lithotherapist.